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Hello from Canada

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I am retired and during winter months enjoy making sawdust. Others seem to enjoy the things that come about as result. For reasons I am cannot really explain I have 3 routers. I justify it as one is a plunge 1/2 inch; one is to stay under my router table and one is because I had it when bought the 1/2 inch plunge. Just completed four blanket boxes for granddaugters and Christmas. Used White Ash and pleased with results
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Hi Scotian and Welcome. The one thing you don't need to do on this forum is justify the number of routers you have. Unless it's less than two!
If it makes you feel better, I have 4 routers, for now at least.......

I had 3 cordless drills for a while, 'cause I hate changing those bits as well.

My wife used to think I had a tool "problem", until I pointed out she couldn't justify all her shoes.

Hope you get lots out of the forum, and share some of your experience as well.
Hi Scotian

Welcome to the forum. Boy yiur problem sounds familiar, I have two routers , one under my table and the other that does double duty as fixed base and plundge base. Guess we like to have more than on of a good thing LOL LOL. :D

ED :cool:
As nzgeordie said, no need for justification when it comes to routers.
I have 3 plunge routers and two trimmers and have my eyes on one more plunger Bosch 1619EVS. I need it like a hole in my head so the boss says. I told her you never know when you drop one or two or tree and break them and I promise I'll make you a custom bed this year :D
Welcome Scotian

Hello Scotian. Welcome to the routerforums. Glad to have another retiree join us.
Ed you are going to have to catch up, only two????? :D
You'll need at least a half dozen, and a couple laminate trimmers also. :D
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