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Hello from Central Florida

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greetings, started going into full retirement and seriously downsizing
3 years ago. just going to do some hobby projects now and then to
keep the hands, head and heart busy.
I have been "lurking" around this forum for a couple of years and have
recommended it to many that needed assistance in their projects that
I knew they would receive the best help here.
after seeing several names that I know from other forums, I said I may
as well join too.
looking forward to being a positive figure in the group,

John Smith
Central Florida (near Mickeyville)


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Welcome to the forum, John! Glad to see you over here, so jump into discussions whenever you're ready. You've been a valuable asset over at WWT and at Lumber Jocks, as well.

thanks David !!
I'm just gonna hang out for awhile and enjoy all these
gorgeous projects I see here. plus the Tips n Tricks too.



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Welcome to the forum John.
Glad you joined here too. I've seen your posts over on the other forum and know you have a lot to offer. Post away. Retirement is an interesting process, isn't it. I have had some difficulty retiring because I'm such a type A, but I'm settling in more and more. Nice to not having to do anything, just what I want to do.
Hello and welcome to the router forum,John :)
G'day John and welcome to the forum.
Welcome aboard John. This forum certainly has much to offer in guidance and ideas. Glad you decided to make it formal.
Welcome John,

We seem to have met on other forums. Glad you decided to join here too.

Welcome to the forum John. I am in North Florida near Gainesville. Hope you have some fun here and pick up so useful tips as well.
Welcome to the Router Forums John. I look forward to seeing some of your projects.
thanks for the warm welcome guys.
yes, I see many familiar names here. that is why I decided to join.
mostly just to sit and hang out for a spell.
I have a little experience holding the two-handed routers.
mostly making signs, graphics, some moldings, prototypes, edge dressings, etc.
now that the CNC is down to affordable levels, there is no way I can compete
with them any longer, so I am going out like the Tin Lizzie.

thanks again !



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Well, I am a fan of CNC routers but I think you are far from obsolete. People have been making amazing stuff prior to CNC and that hasn't changed.

And, fwiw, one can get into CNC routing for less than the cost of a decent cabinet table saw. I basically think of it as another major tool for my shop. And you can sometimes find used ones for a good price.
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We have a bunch of good CNC users here, but we also have Barb, OutoftheWoodwork, who does some very nice hand routed signs and who is even selling them these days. I am sometimes tempted but to me the entry machine is about $5K, so it comes with a divorce. My wife is a fast improving artist, so my regular projects are picture frames. I am very fond of using Cherry with a dark stain. The pix is of a frame that's cherry with some strips of trim to set it off. Her paintings deserve nice frames. The wood ain't cheap, and only about 60-70 percent of what I buy is usable, which explaines why frames are so expensive. I occasionally use pine, but it never looks as nice as hardwood. The method gives beautiful results every time, but it's a long drive for hardwood.


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nice work Tom !!
they say that a good marriage between the frame and its contents is
what makes a great final product.
the same in out marriages, when you think about it. (one compliments the other).
as time goes on, you can start dropping some "subliminals" when your wife asks
for a particularLy nice frame - - - you mumble: oh, that is done with a CNC,
I can't make that by hand.
then one day, out of the blue, she will say . . . . Tom, why don't "we" get a CNC
so we can exhibit our projects better.

and there ya go.


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