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I am retired, and my main interests are Dodge trucks, and metal working. I inherated a lot of wood working tools from my Father, and looking to learn the secrets of wood working. Unfortunatly I never got along with my father until his last two years.Too late to learn from him. The wood side of my shop now has two table saws, a band saw, wood lathe, and drill press, All older craftsman. to list off the major items, Several were from my Grandfathers collection. I have done a good bit of lurking, looking forward to more reading.

My mother buried 3 husbands. The last, my step father Jim Barnes was a retired union carpenter in St Louis. Hard man to figure out. Once he got in his 80's he really mellowed out and took his guard down.. Very enjoyable at this time in his life and had many stories to tell working on sky scrappers and dams...

He said he worked a short bit on the St. LOUIS ARC...
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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