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Hello from Czech Republic

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I am big fan of CNC routers and I have built several of them. Could you look at my work and give me any feedback?

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welcome to the forum !
we gladly welcome members here from all over the world.
Thank you and now I am looking here for inspiration from other users. Have a nice day.
Welcome to the forum..
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome. I worked for Adast as their USA Factory Electrical Service Rep for about 5 years. I was in your country several times during that job. Mostly in Prague, Brno, Adamov, and Blansko.

Although I've worked on and designed CNC equipment, I prefer not to do my woodworking with it. I just prefer using my hands to create and CNC is more of a spectator sport to me. You will have plenty of help from others here though.

Dear Charley,

thank you for your reply and I am glad to see someone here, who was in Czech Republic. It is a great forum here.

Have a nice day!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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