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Hello from Los Angeles

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Hi everybody,
I joined this forum, as I will be buying an Avid Pro CNC router in the near future (clearing out building now...). It will be nice to possibly get help from people who know much more than I do.

I am looking for someone in Los Angeles who already owns an Avid Pro CNC router that might be willing to work with me on a project right now.

If you are that person, please get in touch.

Thank you!
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Welcome to the forum, Tim! Since you posted the same message in CNC Routing I placed that one into moderation so people don't have to split between the two with replies, gets confusing.

Avid is a good machine. Have you checked with Avid to see if there's someone in the area willing to get with you? That's where I would start. Then again, you might get some good responses here.

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Welcome to the forum Tim . When you get it figured out please let me know lol .
I bought a 4x5 Avid Pro , but haven’t assembled it yet , as I have to finish my shop first .
Yes 4x5 is odd , and it’s special order .
I believe you made a good choice
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Welcome to the forum Tim.
G'day Tim. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome. Here is a pdf on making a living with a CNC. Hope you find it useful. I live in the High Desert, on the way to Vegas, but grew up near the Eastern edge of L.A. County.


Welcome to the Router Forums Tim.

When you get your Avid post some pictures as you build it so we can follow along. If you have any problems there are a few Avid owners here that can probably help.
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Thank you to all of you for the welcomes! I really appreciate it.

I am currently building a timeframe of when I expect to end up with the Avid. At least initially, I will be a one-man show, so, I am being very realistic with my timeframe. I am planning to purchase a 4'x10' Pro model right after the Christmas holidays. I have a full-time job selling Chevrolet commercial trucks and I don't plan to leave anytime soon, so Hexa Composites will be a hobby shop for a number of years.

I have a small building next to my garage where I am planning to put the Avid, but, unfortunately, the building is currently full of stuff that I will need to find a home for. The building is the size of a small two car garage, but it only has a standard entry door - no rollup doors.

I am hoping to have an empty building in the next few months. Then, I will need to do some electrical work and install better lighting before I can move in the Avid. Lots to do, but I am on it.

FYI: I am buying a CNC router to cut high-density foam to make plugs for molds for carbon fiber parts, but I also plan to do some plywood projects (In fact, I am planning to cut my own cabinets for the building :)

Great to know that there are some Avid owners on the forum. I'm sure I will need some help from one or several of them to get up and running...
Thank you and best wishes to everyone!
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