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Hello from Michigan

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Hello, I'm from Michigan, north of Detroit a bit.

I've done some woodworking for decades, but recently got the whole bug, and have built an entire shop, taken on a tool habit, built a bunch of jigs. Rebuilt a bunch of jigs. Scrapped and started over on a bunch of jigs...

I'm on the overcomplicate-everything-insanely end of the spectrum for woodworking, letting this be the outlet for a world in which I never get the chance to do something right.

Routerwise I currently have Dewalt 611 and 618 with both bases, a bosch table, leigh super jig, but of course that's all secondary to a drawer full of bits!

Considering adding a bosch router to permamount in the router table rather than the Dewalt.

Here to learn, as well as offer any help I can, which at this point is probably just being really good at internet searches to find stuff!

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Hi Max and welcome. When you get a minute edit your profile so that it shows Max instead of N/A. If you're a tool junkie you'll fit right in with the rest of us. We all still think the guys that have the most tools when they die wins despite what our wives keep telling us. As far jigs I'm at the other end, the "let's not make this any more complicated than it absolutely has to be" end.
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Welcome to the forum, Max! Like Chuck said, add your name to your profile to clear the N/a in the side panel. Adding your location to your profile helps, too.

We like photos, so show us your fixtures, projects, tools, shop - whatever you want! :grin:

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Welcome to the forum Max.
Welcome to the forum Max . When you get a chance , just kidding , I think they covered it lol .
By the way ,we love pictures
Hello and welcome to the router forum Max
Welcome Max. As you take some time to look around you'll see a wonderful group willing to share their knowledge and expertise. It's all good here and humor doesn't hurt. And don't forget we like picture snad first names....just saying, again......welcome
Welcome, Max. You'll enjoy your time here. There's always a discussion going on, though not all router oriented, which isn't half bad. You're with a friendly group of people.
Welcome to the Forum Max,

You will find a wealth of knowledge is yours for the asking. And a bunch of friendly people with common interests.


Hi Max, Glad you decided to join the fun. Lots of woodwork talk, tool drool, jig rigging goin' on around here. I spent awhile pursuing perfection until I finally got it, it's wood. It moves, swells, expands, contracts. And I do like tools. Bought most of mine while I was making good money and have no regrets about having spent for the good stuff back then. I have a couple of 1617s. Really great routers and work well in a table.

What kind of projects interest you?
Welcome to the Router Forums Max.
@cherryville_chuck "lets not make this more complicated than it has to be"
I'll probably get there as I learn what, exactly, too much IS. Don't want to cut the Wrong corners and need to learn what they are yet!
I have a couple of 1617s.

Tom, you hide your age well. Tools from the 1617s. Guess they're not battery powered......just kidding, maybe they are;)
Welcome to the Forum,'re gonna love it here...

...and yes, we'll help spend your money on much needed tools, of course... :smile:
Just what I need, more bad influences. Not sure I can Be any worse at holding myself back from new tools though.

I'm a fan of jigs, whether purchased or made, as I've zero faith in my personal abilities to do Anything correctly, especially repeatedly.

I'm not a jig addict by any means, only have a dozen or so, mostly basics (dovetail/box, doweling, crosscut etc)
Jigs serve a few different functions. One is that they can hold something at an angle or in a position that would be impossible or dangerous to do by hand. But the most important one, at least in my opinion, is to locate things repeatedly and accurately. It took me a while to figure out that trying to measure and locate things in the right place was a futile effort.
Welcome to the Forum Max.

Another Southeastern Michigander! Not too far from you here in Warren, MI.

Welcome to our corner of the universe where knowledge and good humor abound, not necessarily in that order.
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