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Hello from New Member

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I am new to the forum and relatively new to routers. Getting closer to retirement and wanted to advance my wood working skills and tool inventory ahead of "R" Day. I live in northern Canada and have a two door heated garage that I split with the wife's car. My past experience in wood was of a practical nature, and now I am wanting to develop a finesse creating knick knacks with 1/2 Blind / Through and Tapered Dovetails. The scrap pile is growing a little too fast. The current project is building Shaker Inspired Step Stools, (Modified Minwax Plan) laminating a 2 cedar strips into Pine or Worm Wood Maple 60" x 10" Laminated Shelving for one stool.

I really enjoy accessing good technical help and suggestions from a forum, looking forward to participating.

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Welcome to the forum, David! We do like photos so show us your shop, tools, projects, etc. whenever you're ready.
Welcome to the forum David.
Hi David, welcome to the fun. I, like you, bought all my gear before I retired. Nice to have good stuff, all paid for too. I've attached a pdf of the 18 plus things that helped me accelerate my learning curve. It includes a couple of things that were expensive mistakes. Hope it is useful for you.


Welcome to the forum fellow Canadian. I live close to the US border, and it’s too cold for me
"I live close to the US border, and it’s too cold for me". I wonder if some insulation would help there?........ :)
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G'day @David22 , Welcome to the forum.
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