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Hello from New Member

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Hello Everyone,

I just found your forum and liked what I saw. I'm an old guy (56) that is in the process of shaping my career to the way I want it. For many years I have designed, engineered and been responsible for high end audio/video installations, mostly residential. My clients were many NBA and NFL players, high rollers in Florida, the Midwest and Carribean. One interesting job, many years ago, was the Vice Presidential mansion in DC. For the last couple of years, after moving back to my much slower paced hometown in Southern Indiana, I have been utilizing my talents designing and installing sound and video systems in churches in about a 76 mile radius and must say it is much more rewarding. My real love is woodworking and am also selling cabinetry and solutions for the audio and video market. If I had my way I would just stay in the shop making sawdust, who knows, maybe someday. I know I will be learning plenty from you and for that I thank you in advance. If I can answer any questions from my former life don't hesitate to ask.

Rick Gooden
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G'day Rick. What do you mean, 56 and an "old guy"? You're just a spring chicken! (That's exactly my age too). Welcome to the forum and enjoy. :D
Welcome to the routerforums Rick, from an older guy. Geordie is right, you guys are what we call young whipper snappers. Anyway glad to have you with us.
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