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Hello All,

My wife's desire for a kitchen cabinet facelift has motivated me to join this forum! From a router standpoint I am starting with the Skill benchtop table and router combo along with some Freud bits. I have been reading through the forum and watching YouTube videos along with practicing on the router table with some lesser expensive wood. Any advice for reading / watching "How-To videos" will be greatly appreciated.

A cabinet facelift usually means new cabinet doors. If you don't have one already, you will need a cope and stile bit set. I recommend the Freud adjustable set which allows for different panel and rail thicknesses. Also, you will have to have some method of ensuring your stock is of uniform thickness. Most importantly, you will need patience and determination. I made new cabinet doors for my travel trailer last year. A relatively small project but it was 17 doors and drawer fronts that had to be made, sanded and finished. Fine Woodworking magazine has some good videos on cabinet door making which may be useful to your project.
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