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Hello from NYC

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First of all I must thank to admins that they put me here among the all respected members of this community. I am a member of signage company based in US providing the best services since from 10 years of experience.Our best services are Awnings, Aluminum Metal Signs, Blade Signs, Carved Signs, Channel Letter Signs, Construction Signs, Hand Painted Signs and much more.
But individually I had more then 6 years of experience in routers and CNC machines.I hope this place is full of charm and knowledge.Again thanks for adding me in this perfect place :smile:
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Welcome to the forum Agustin
Welcome to the forum, Agustin!

We like photos so show us your CNC, shop, tools, projects, etc. whenever you're ready.

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G'day and welcome to the forum, Agustin...

You may be able to show us old salts a thing or two....
Hi Agustin and welcome. You'll find this a friendly place to spend time. We have a robust and steadily growing membership who speak CNC.
Welcome to the forum Agustin.
Welcome to the Router Forums.
Welcome Agustin. Hope you enjoy your stay.
hello and welcome to the router forum Agustin
Welcome Agustin. You'll find yourself well at home and among some great craftspeople. Enjoy the journey.....
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