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BrianS said:
Hi folks. Brian from Ontario here. Not much of a woodworker up to this point, most(all?) of what I've built so far is functional, but it could never be described as pretty so I bought a used router/table to try to change that. It's a Craftsman with a 1/4" shank.. and from what I've read so far, all the REAL routing is done with a 1/2" shank, but this will do for now.

Bob and Rick, my brother turned me on to your show with a couple of tapes he made back when you were first getting started. Most informative.

Take care

Second, I had a Sear router as my first router back in the mid 70's it has served me well and I still use it. I made many a project with it and while the 1/2" might be in your future learning and using the router you have is more importain then that issue.

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