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Hello from Phoenix!

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Hello everyone. I'm one of those guys that love woodworking. To me it's theraputic. All of the day's stresses, go away when I'm making sawdust. I guess, I'm probably at an intermediate skill level. I grew up in a little town outside of Eureka, Montana, (about 50 Miles north of Kalispell) and I guess I'll always consider Montana home. I'm currently from Phoenix, Arizona.
I'll be back,
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Boy Howdy! And a big welcome to another Montanan...

Fortine or Stryker? Lot's of family up Eureka way, although I hail from Kalispell (currently living in Evergreen).

As far as theraputic -- I'll agree wholeheartedly on that point.

Welcome to the forums, let us know what your working on.
Welcome Jeff! Watch out for those golf carts in Sun City!
Welcome to RouterForums!
Oh yes, welcome to the forum Jeff. You will like it here. Stan found a home here and I think you will too. Good bunch of guys and gals on this forum.

the "Doctor"
Wish I was in Phoenix right now... Northern Ontario is so cold! Spent Christmas in Arizona, would go back in a heartbeat. Welcome Jeff.

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