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Hello from Sunny Minnesota!

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Hi all - Brett here from Minnesota. I'm brand new to the forum and ready to tap into some of your all's experience! A couple/three years from retiring and am starting to shore up my woodworking tools and skills. I just recently built a router table after my craftsman benchtop shaper/router table spun a bearing. I'm an engineer by day and my woodworking interests kind of run the gamut. I've done a few furniture pieces, built and finished a cabin, would love to try my hand at timber frame joinery someday, and am currently working on what I hope will be an heirloom French Easel for my son. Something I've come to enjoy, is finding old lumber and running it through my planer to see what treasure lies under the surface. My wife had an old farmhouse door as a decorative piece out in the garden and when she was done with it I knocked it apart and planed down the stiles and rails only to find some wonderful 100 year old fir! I am most definitely a jack of several trades and a master of none, but I do like to take my time and get things right.

Sorry to ramble and happy to be a part of the forum!
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G'day @elkheimer , welcome to the forum.

Sounds like a solid background to woodworking...
Welcome to the forum @elkheimer
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