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Hello from the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico

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Hello Everyone. My name is Dale. I have been interested in woodworking ever since my 4 years of Woodshop in high school. I just haven't had time to develop a shop until I retired from federal government service after 31 years this past January. I guess that a 2-car garage was never ment to be used for cars. Bob and Rick and the Router Workshop got me interested in routering, but my PBS station has since stopped broadcasting it. Now, I only have it on VCR tapes (I am converting those to DVDs). I sure do miss that program. My first project has been building the revised version of Norm Abrum's router table. Once I make all my mistakes on that project, I can really start on what I want to build...china cabinets. Looking forward to reading about all the Ideas that this group can offer.
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Welcome Dale to the forums. We have a lot of good people here.
Hello Dale, welcome to the forums!
Dale, I want to welcome you to the forums also. Glad to have more retiree's with us. You will find a nice group of people here. Willing to help however they can. Welcome. :D

the "Doctor"
Nice to hear from you Dale. Look forward to talking about routers with you.
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