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Hello from "The Rock"

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Hello All . . . a newbee here from Newfoundland Canada.

I started my routing experience 2 years ago when building our current home. I did not want the expensive and flimsy moulding inside the house so I bought myself a low-end Craftsman router and table adn 1x4 clear pine. I paid for my router with approx 1500 linft of custom moulding.

My wife has me now doing some project around the house and the router came out of hibernation only to break (will post problem in technical section later on) and I had to get a new one. As I am a Dewalt fan and had several $100 in Canadian Tire money so I picked up the DW616K. What a wicked piece of equipment.

Im starting to itch at possible upcoming router projects . . .

Thats it for me now . . . I will be around.
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Welcome aboard to the forums. Zuki I had a problem with my craftman router and got a nice new 690 porter cable for a replacement. Best move I've made yet.
Welcome to Router Forums. Look forward to talking about routers. Rick
Hello and welcome to the forums.
Hello Zuki, glad you decided to join the forums. Excellent bunch of people here. Jump in any time.

the "Doctor"
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