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Hello from the UK

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Hi everyone,

I'm Larry, I'm new to woodworking and came across this forum which seems like a friendly environment to get started.

Nice to meet you all, sorry in advance for stupid questions!

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Stupid questions? No such thing. We all love helping a new guy along, so ask away. And welcome. I think you'll like it here, we have many members from the UK, who know the equipment available there.
Welcome to the forum, Larry. Ask any and all questions and be rewarded with answers. The only stupid question is one not asked.
Hello and welcome to the router forum, Larry
Welcome to the forum Larry. Great place to ask questions to, so don’t be shy
Hi Larry and welcome. Some of the answers involve the safe ways to do something as well as the ways you shouldn't be doing it so don't hesitate to ask.
Hello and welcome Larry to the forums...
the welcome wagon does come w/ some reading that you just may find useful...
Welcome to the forum Larry.
You'll quickly discover this group has a depth of knowledge that is phenomenal and they don't mind sharing it. Friendly bunch as well with a sense of humor. Welcome to the group from a newbie as well.
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Welcome to the forum Larry!! No stupid questions here only the ones not asked.:smile:
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.
Welcome Larry! I think you'll like it here.
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Welcome Larry,

No such thing as a stupid question when learning wood working techniques. What you might think is stupid, might save you from a serious injury or worse. You will surely benefit from the wealth of knowledge found among our members.

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Welcome Larry, keep in mind that all of us here started where you are now. We like to help the new guys. There is no such thing as a stupid question here. Ask away, but don't get surprised when you get many replies with many different answers to your question, and probably just as many ways to accomplish your task, but this lets you pick the the response that best fits the tools that you have and your comfort level of using them. We have members here from all over the World, so one might be close enough to directly help you with a problem if you should ever need it too.

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