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Hello from Virginia

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Good Morning, I'm Jerry and I'm a novice woodworker. Made a couple small projects, but just getting used to my PC892.

I also enjoy forums, hope I see ya there, too. :)

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Greetings from Fredericksburg, VA

Hope you enjoy your router! I also have an 890 series setup, and I really like it.
Thx, all. Doug, you're just up the road. have you noticed that most catalogs DON'T list accessories for the 892, but the list just about every other one PC makes?

John 3:16
This link from the Porter Cable website shows some accessories for the 892
Thanks, ejant. I should have been more specific.... I meant Rockler, Tool crib and others did not have 892 accessories listed..... how long has the 892 been on the shelf, any idea? It's not that new, is it?

Hey Jerry, Welcome to the RouterForums!
It is pretty new, I think it came out last fall. Most of my 690 stuff works with it, the template bushings, the extra sub bases, and most everything else works with it.

I think the only true 890 series accessory right now is the above the table height adjuster. I received mine free as part of a promotion that PC was having, and it is an OK feature, but I am so used to getting down on my one knee and checking bit height anyway that I could live without it. It's their way of competing with the aftermarket router lifts.

The one annoying difference between my 690 and 890 are the screws that hold the baseplate on are different threads. So, if I'm taking my circle cutter jig of one, to put on the other, I have to make sure that I keep the screws sorted out.

I do like this router, especially the soft start feature. Going from a fixed speed to a soft start variable speed router is like night and day.
Thx for the info, Doug. I too, like the soft start... this is my first VS router as well... also still getting used to the plunge base... seems a bit "sticky", unless you press down with the weight distributed exactly same on both sides.... maybe that's a feature...HA

I don't have the adjuster or the vacuum handle, but I want the handle...also this one doesn't fit my old table, so I plan to use the video to help guide me thru making my own table top...looks rather easy as they do it, and I've got the laminated surface (3/4" platform), so now all I need is the plate itself....

Thx again. I'm trying to get accustomed to the forum layout :)

Hey there Jerry I'm also a member of glad to see you here. :D
Hi Jerry, I am new here as well, I am from Roanoke, Va. I am self-employed, and run a furniture/woodworking business. This is a great site.
Hi Jerry. I'm also new here. It's a great site, with lots to learn from.
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