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Hello. Glad to have found this site

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Just bought a axyz z7 table. Fan doesnt start with the spindle. Should it? or does it wait for a certian temperature before it starts?
Thanks for the help.
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Welcome. The CNC mavens sometimes take a little time to get back to posters. Has it's operation changed? Did it always run in the past, but won't now? Not a CNC person, but always-on fans are more the norm in woodworking than thermostatic switches.

As my computer repair guy always says, are you sure it's plugged in? Could easily be a loose connection or bad solder joint.
G'day MMM, welcome to the forum.

Is this a new machine, or a second hand machine? Was it tested before purchase?
Fan doesnt start with the spindle.
Does it ever run? I thought most were direct to the spindle and run at spindle speed. If it's independent of the spindle, can you move it (does it spin freely)?
Welcome to the forum.
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