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Hello guys!

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I am new here, looking forward to learn more about routing and woodworking from this huge community :laugh2:
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welcome N/A to the forums...
to help out w/ your learning curve we have a collection of light reading for ya at this link...
Hello and welcome to the router forum
Welcome to the forum N/a
Glad to see you joined in the fun. Lots of help around here. Stick's informaion on routing in particular will likely save you some problems starting. I am attaching an article, 18 things that helped me accelerate my learning curve. It is about 10 pages long with lots of pictures. It comes from the 12-13 years I've been working at learning this hobby/addiction. Hopefully it will save you a few costly errors as well. At any rate, ask lots of questions and we'll pipe up with information.


Welcome to the forum.
Hi N/A and welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum Domargo.
Welcome to the Router Forums.
G'day and welcome to the forum.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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