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Hello, I am from NIHON.

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I am a biginner of router-user.
I just perchased PC894PK in tha last December from USA.
The reason is that I want to use AKEDA for dove-tail joint.
Please advice me all about using router, also how to say something in English.

(NIHON is a country which you used to call JAPAN.)
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Hi Benny

You may want to get this book. :) it's rated at 5 stars.

Woodworking with the Router

Bj :)
Ohio Gozimas Benny and welcome to the forums. Your English seems to be fine, and we still call it Japan here in the states. Welcome.
Hi, bobj3 san
Thank you for an infomation.
I checked it in amazom japan.
Is it ( Is there) a big difference from "The New Router Handbook" which I have bouht in last year ?
Or is it not wasting money if I will buy it, do you think ?
I am glad if you could teach me.
Hi Benny

I don't know if it's the same as the "The New Router Handbook" but I don't think so the new router handbook is dated at ( 2Rev Ed edition (December 31, 1993).

Woodworking with the Router: is dated at June 1, 2006
Revised & UpdatedProfessional Router Techniques and Jigs
Any Woodworker Can Use (Hardcover copy)

Rev&Updtd edition (June 1, 2006)

Bj :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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