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Hello! New Member in ID

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A newbie from Idaho.
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Welcome to the forum! Add your first name to your profile to clear the N/a in the side panel. Add your location while you're at it (we won't remember Idaho past this thread...)

What sort of woodworking are you doing or planning? Do you play guitar or are you building them? We do like photos so show us your shop, tools, projects, etc. whenever you're ready.

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Welcome to the forum. I’m in Cranbrook BC Canada just above Idaho . Always wanted to see Idaho falls
G'day from Australia. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum.
Morning Doc, welcome to the club. We're an informal bunch ranging from extreme skills to just barely fooling around. If there are questions on how to get from A to B there are many extremely skilled and willing members to assist you. Ask your questions, post you pictures, and enjoy the group and what it offers.
Welcome to the Forum doc.
Happy to see you've joined the fun. Been to Idaho a few times. Nice place to live.
Welcome to the Router Forums.
Welcome to the're gonna love it here...
Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your stay.
I have not figured out how to change my profile.
I have not figured out how to change my profile.
If you're on a computer you'll see Account Settings in the upper right corner. Click on that and you'll see Edit Your Details on the left. In that you'll find several fields you can fill out to help complete your profile.

If you're on a mobile platform the only help I can give is to suggest you use a computer. :wink:

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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