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Hello! New member loggin' in

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Just found this website and it looks like I might be spending a few hours here; OK a LOT of hours here.
In the process of setting up a shop in my pole barn; so far I have a DJ 15 6" jointer, 2-12" planers, a mortiser, several routers,a few hand tools(chisels, planes,etc), one large and one small dust collector, 10" table saw, Leigh D4 and PC 4212 jigs, a drill press, and 40 acres of hardwoods. You could say I'm ready.
I'll partition off a section in the pole barn, either 20x20 or 16x20. Still working that out. Looking at diffferent layouts, partition types, insulation, etc. Could use all the help I can get.
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Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for joining us, Dave.

You will find many on the forum, from hobbyists
to professional with similar interest in the router and its uses.

Take the time to learn how the forum works and ask any questions you want.

Try to post your question in the most appropriate section as not all members
read the Introductions section.

The members are only too happy to help.
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Welcome to the forum Dave.
Hi Dave, glad you found us, it's great to have you as a member of the community, welcome to Router Forums.
Hi Dave-welcome to the forum
If you have the extra room,go larger!you won't regret it. With all the tools you have and will acquire you will be glad you did. My shop is 24x36 and I wish it were larger.
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