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Hello, new to forum and questions

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Hello Forum, I watched the Router Show on the Woodworking Channel and even though it was interesting i was wondering just how anyone would be able to follow along and build the project when every process involves some type of jig and i didn't see any explanation of how the jigs were made or sizes etal. I see that there is a book for sale on this Web site and wonder if the jigs and such are included in it. I have only been woodworking for about a year but have built a shop in the basement and have pretty much all the tools needed including two Routers which i am very interested in using for future projects. Now that i can watch the Router Program i guess i'll need to understand this method of using jigs. Any help would be appreciated.

Mike in Brampton,
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Welcome Mike to the forums.

the "Doctor"
Hi Mike, welcome aboard. For myself, the jigs are often a large part of the battle. For general info and ideas, do a search on here (top of page) for "jigs" - you'll get a lot of info and ideas. Also do a google search for "router jigs" - and of course, ask away here about whatever you're trying to do - many knowledgeable and helpful people here.
Welcome Mike. You will find several of the jigs from the show available @ the Oak Park site. You will find the yellow icons on this site to connect. The jigs are well designed, easy to use, and some are super time savers. Hope you enjoy the forum.
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