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Hello there!

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I am brand new here and did some surfing here today and like the topics and thread replies that I have seen. I look very forward to spend some of my spare retired time (the rest of my time will be split between woodworking and playing baseball) reading here. I am checking in from Ontario Canada so baseball will soon be over and I will have more time for my other past times. Anyway looking forward to what I see here and will enjoy my time here!!
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Hi Paul, and welcome along! They're a great bunch here, always ready and willing to help, and we love pictures.
Welcome to the forum, Paul! Like Steve said, we do like photos. You can show us your shop, tools, projects, etc. whenever you're ready.

G'day Paul and welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum fellow Canadian:)
Welcome to the forum Paul.
Welcome aboard Paul. There's a ton of solid information here and people always willing to give you a hand if/when you run into a problem and need some help. Pictures are always welcomed and listing you shop tools and experience is always helpful in replying to questions.
Welcome. What team? Watching MLB leading into the playoffs and World Series. After that, it gets boring. Oldest grandson played AA for the Atlanta Braves.
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Welcome, Paul. A lot of good "stuff" here and a lot of help when you're looking for it.
Glad to see you've joined the fun. What kind of stuff do you like to make? My wife has me making picture frames for her paintings. I still do a certain amount of DIY and carpentry as well.

FYI, the request to list your tools is so we can see what different options there are in responding to your questions. Just don't volunteer your credit card info. :wink:
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Hey, Paul; welcome! End of baseball...start of snow shoveling; what spare time? ;)
Welcome to the forum Paul. Hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome aboard and as DaninVan said “what spare time”. I had more spare time when I was working��
Hello Paul, and welcome.
Mr Baseball, I actually liked that movie quite a bit (Tom Selleck if I remember correct)
Good avatar name, me likes.
Well thank you very much folks for the warm welcome. I know I will enjoy my time here. I like to do all kinds of woodworking and before my father's health started to slow him down him and I made a lot of lawn furniture including hexagon picnic tables, lawn swings, 1/2 picnic table/benches, lawn chairs and many other customized design things. My available time and ambition have slowed me down myself too but I hope to start doing some of these things again soon.
Just a quick update on some of the equipment I have is a 10" surface planer, a 10" craftsman radial arm saw, a shopsmith 5, numerous makes of routers (including a couple of plunge), small drill press, small lathe and a small spindle sander. Lots of other stuff too but mostly regular everyday stuff. Someday I will re-inventory stuff and update when necessary.
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