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New member here from the good old USA. Hope to learn some new tricks here! Thanks. >:)
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Hi Art and welcome. There is always something going on and we welcome questions of any kind.
Thanks Charles and Gary! Recently began acquiring some better woodworking tools so I could raise the quality of work I do on my home and other projects. Butt-joints are going to be a thing of the past now!

Recently bought a benchtop bandsaw, and then I found a great deal on a Craftsman 12-amp router with plunge and fixed base. Still don't have a table saw, but I'll get by for now with my circular saw and guides. All of this is being done on a t-i-g-h-t budget, but sometimes that just makes it more fun.

Also recently discovered "The Router Workshop" so I've been binge watching it on Youtube. Bob and Rick really opened my eyes to the versatility of the router (thanks guys!).

Just ordered a set of Guide Bushings today, and once I get a chance, my first project will be an Oak-Park inspired router table!
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Hello and welcome to the router forum, Art
Welcome to the forum, Art.
Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the forum Art :)
HI Art. Welcome to our little corner of the 'net.
Hey Art, spend a minute and put some info in your profile. IE.. what router do you use and perhaps the state you live in? Other members look at this to better answer your questions and steer you towards the best deals.
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Welcome to the forum Art.
Happy you could join in the fun. YouTube seems to have replaced dads and grandpas as woodworking instructor of choice these days.
Welcome to our corner of the universe where knowledge and good humor are dispensed freely.
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