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Hi all,
My names Liam, from the UK. I started getting into woodworking and building up my own little workshop in the shed a couple of years ago and its kept me sane through lockdowns..
Finally getting a router was a long time coming as im a bit of a cheapskate and as its a hobby i didn't want to spend £100s but when it rains it pours and i managed to grab two Type 4 Elu 177e's for <£100 for the sake of replacing the bearings, one of which i plan to mount under a Wadkin AGS10 i plan to modify into a router table.

I have been thinking about selling up part of the workshop to fund a half decent, used, cnc router but i'm not sure i can bring myself to part with some of themachinery so i'm looking foward to learning more about that side of routing

Look forward to chatting to you all
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Hello and welcome. ELU routers seem to be part of Black and Decker, which owns DeWalt and Porter Cable and Delta. ELU seems on my research to be based on DeWalt designs. So they should be just fine.

I am not into CNC, but having read many of the posts here on the topic, you should consider a used one with caution. If you can find one in great condition, a high end machine with good software, you could be pretty happy. There is clearly a LOOOOOOOOG learning curve on the software regardless of what you buy.

I have a marketing background and do woodworking for pleasure, but I have a strong opinion that if I were to step into CNC, the minimum machine I would consider would retail for more than $5,000 U.S. I would want it to at least pay for itself by producing items for sale. To that end, I have put together a pdf attachment on how I would do that. I have learned that buying inadequate tools never pays and that at some point you will wind up replacing it.

I think you are smart to do some research before stepping into the CNC world. There are a number of members here who are very much into CNC, have a lot of expertise and there are hundreds of past posts on the topic. One member, Oliver Henry, has two books out on CNC, one very basic, the other on design. Look for Professor Henry on Amazon to find them.

Meanwhile here's the pdf article on making money with a CNC. There are other ways to do that, but this is how I would approach it. One member here has made a steady income from his Polish Eagle design, marketing through shows at Polish festivals.

Glad you found us.


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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum Liam. Did the ferrets come with the routers? Always handy to have helping hands in the shop. :)
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