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I’m here to learn so most likely you won’t even notice me for awhile.
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welcome to the forum - tell us a little about yourself and what you like to do.
I currently work for a drywall company that mostly does new construction. A few life times back I worked extensively with finish coatings for wood. I don’t really have much experience in the cutting and shaping process. At least not as much as I’d like. My girlfriend and I recently bought an 106 year old house that I have slowly been remodeling and that got me interested in routing as a hobby. I want to learn how to do small stuff that I can then apply and expand my finishing skills.
I have a Triton MOFOO1. I bought it sort of from the advice of a friend I trust but mostly because it sounds nothing like a screaming Bosch. I’m not criticizing Bosch because they are excellent. But after working years in door shops where 6 or 7 of those things are constantly going I couldn’t buy one. Even after a few years they still sound like finger nails on a blackboard. We have a couple Dewalts at work I play with from time to time so I figured to try something different.
At first I didnt like the Triton much but it started to grow on me as I get more comfortable with it. So far I’m having fun. My intentions are to put it in a table soon and getting a smaller one. Not sure exactly which one yet.
My goal is to make cool stuff and have fun. No schedules, no deadlines and no pressure.
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Welcome. Like you I've done a lot of home improvement. I also have a triton TRA001 in my table. So much safer to route that way. I'm retired, but waited a little too long to take on some projects and can't quite handle it anymore. Glad you're having at it while you're able to enjoy and learn.
G'day @Stainmaker , welcome to the forum.

Feel free to ask any question, any time. We have members here with very diverse backgrounds,,,,
Welcome to the forum.
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