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I've enjoyed watching The Router Workshop. Although I'm fairly new to routers, I do currently own 2. I don't have a table for them... yet. I hope to learn a lot from everyone.

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Welcome to the forum Ken. I started out with 2 now I have 5 and aquired a table since joining here. And I learned a lot since. So you have a good chance with all the great members to learn and tell us what you know.
Ken, welcome to the forums. We welcome all new members and let them know we are here to HELP. Lots of really nice people here. Loads of knowledge. Just ask, there are no dumb questions, just the ones you don't ask. Welcome.

the "Doctor"
Ken, glad you decided to join! Welcome to RouterForums.
Welcome to the forums Ken! If you have a question in mind, don't hesitate to ask. Lots of great members here!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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