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Hi my name is Rusty. I started doing my own home improvment projects due to the inability to pay someone else to it. Now I enjoy learning as I go and doing it myself.
Recently I built a small hutch for my wife to match a white with natural top dining table. She decided our kitchen cabinets would look good with a coat of white paint and doors like the hutch[pine frame/white raised panel]. Oh well its cheaper and more fun then buying new cabinets.
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Hey Rusty, welcome! Glad to have you here! Lots of great information to learn from. Don't hesitate to ask a question if you have one in mind. Many great members here!
Hi Rusty glad you signed up. That is the way to go do it yourself so you can say hey I built that instead of standing there and saying hey you know how much that costed me to have some else build it. Plus you get the saticfaction of doing it self make you have a lot of pride. You do have one up on me I didn't build a hutch yet.
Hi Rusty glad your here, look forward to talking routers with you.
Hello Rusty, Don't it feel really good to do your own work? Nothing like a wife to drive a man to the woodshop. :D Glad you joined our forums.

the "Doctor"
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