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Greetings, my name is Dustin. I own a car audio shop that I opened this year, I originally only needed a router to make speaker rings, but I love this tool. I have NEVER worked with wood prior to the past 8 months, now I am just starting to get the terminology down. I would like to gain the experience to make fine furniture, but that is just for fun. THanks,
Dustin Fagin
[email protected]
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Hi and welcome Dustin
you came to the right place. everything you need to know is just a finger tip away.
Welcome to the forums Dustin. Glad you found our group. Really nice members here. Info, tips, and fun all for the asking. Good luck, be safe and enjoy.

the "Doctor"
Hey dustin!

Welcome to the forums, glad you decided to join. I just checked out your website and you have done some pretty cool audio setups.
Welcome to Dustin.
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