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I just retired and i got myself a router and a few other tools for a hobby.I done a table beut with the router I seem to have trouble when I get to the end cross grain .What can I do to avoid that problem?
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Welcome Perron!
A couple of thoughts on the end grain issue - I'm assuming you're having chip-out problems.

1. Use a scrap piece of wood as a backer tight against the trailing edge where it will leave the router - this "backs-up" the cut so that the backing scrap will chip, but not the end grain. I usually use a backing piece regardless of direction - gives me something to do with all my scraps!
2. Cut your end grain edges 1st - often times the long grain edge will clean-up the end grain chips for you (depending on the size of the bit yopu're using)
3. Don't cut too much material in one pass - say 1/4" max. at a time - either by adjusting the cutter depth or by adjusting the table fence gradually - "sneak up" on the final cut - it'll be smoother, whether on the end grain or the long grain edge.

Hope that helps! Have fun!
Welcome to the forums retiree perron. I love it when we get another retired person. Be safe and enjoy.

the "Doctor"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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