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I'm been told I've not posted ro the forum since I have been a member. So here goes. I'm 70 years old--been in woodworking most of my life. Built the house I live in. Have a complete workshop. Now the sad part. I have back and joint problems, that are getting worse. Still work in the shop a lot, but on smaller items now. The ability is there, but the get up and go--got up and went. Enjoy reading the forum, and like the router workshop. God Bless Carl
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Hi Anonamoose - with all your experience, I'm glad you spoke up. So sorry to hear about the physical problems, but I'm sure you have a lot of knowedge that could help many others.
Hello Carl, glad you decided to jump in and let us know we have an experienced woodworker to draw info from. Hang in there.

the "Doctor"
Few things in life are better than having an experienced point of view. Welcome!
Good to hear from you carl and we look forward to see more posts. Thanks for joining in. Rick
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