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Welcome Bogie. Plans for all the Router Workshop projects may be ordered from Oak Park, or downloaded as PDF files from their site.

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Bogie said:
I was trying to figure out how I could get the first two Circular Table "Shop Tips" since I seem to have missed them. bog

Here are some links that may help :)

But note some of them you can only view on your PBS network.
Circular End Table Top

305 - 306 Two Part - The Pedestal Table:

Making a pedestal drop leaf table might seem like a complicated procedure but Bob and Rick Rosendahl make it easy with the router! Three legs support a turned column block. Dados hold the support slides.
We use the router to show an innovative way of cutting the top round.
Rick has some tips on matching the cove cutter so the leaves come out even. 305.
Pedestal Table, Part 1 Tabletop Make the drop leaf top for the pedestal table. 306. Pedestal Table, Part 2 Legs Watch father and son work on the pedestal column and curve the legs identical to each other.

606 - Fern Stand:

A vintage "plant stand" provided the inspiration for this in the Router Workshop.
Bob and Rick Rosendahl show you how to use your router station to create an interesting piece of furniture you can proudly display in your home.
The delicately tapered legs are set at an angle to provide strength and the feet are cross-lapped to provide stability.
As beautiful as it is functional, the Rosendahl "plant stand" is sure to become one of your favorite projects!


706 - The Crescent Table:

Router experts, Bob and Rick Rosendahl show you how to use your router station to create an interesting piece of furniture you can proudly display in your home.
Bob uses another unique jig to cut the delicately tapered and sculpted legs while Rick shows you the secrets of the half-round top.
As beautiful as it is functional the "crescent table" is sure to become one of your favorite projects...from the "Router Workshop"!


Episode 1103 /1104 Kitchen Console, 2 Parts

The kitchen console is an eating centre on casters. Very small kitchens often are not designed with an eating area because of space.
With this moveable console that opens to a 3’ square table surface and includes two drawers for eating utensils, two can eat in the kitchen, by the picture window, in front of the TV or in the sun porch.
Bob and Rick went one step further and designed the console to store two swivel stools (as in episode 1102) inside the console.
Watch the Router Workshop, episodes 1103 and 1104 for details of the kitchen console.
1103. Kitchen Console Part 1, Legs1104. Kitchen Console Part 2, Top


1307-1308. Round One-Leaf Table (Two parts)

This versatile accent table features a triangular shaped lower shelf and three unusual shaped legs with a swinging gate leg that supports the one leaf.
There is a top shelf as well just below the main table surface that does not extend below the leaf.
This table is designed to go against a wall or in the middle of the room for family or living room comfort.
In Episodes #1307 and #1308 of the Router Workshop, Bob and Rick shape the unusual legs and table features with the router.
1307. Round One-Leaf Table, Part 1
1308. Round One-Leaf Table, Part 2


Bj :)

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I think Bog is referring to the Router Workshop " Router Tips & News " that was emailed to members today, which indicates it is " The third in a series showing details of an End Table complete with inlay top. "

I don't recall seeing parts one and two either, as I usally print out the shop tips for future reference and it is not in my folio.

Maybe, Bob or Rick can shed some light on this as it is certainly confusing to those who got the email and can't recall the previous emails.

I know we are each getting a little older as each day passes and we may be losing our edge but we don't need any more help in that regard. :p :p

:cool: :cool: Ric :cool: :cool:
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