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In the past year I have been disappointed by my PBS station no longer carrying the Router Workshop. It was through this program that I got the itch to experiment with a router once more. I had bought my first router about 35 years ago. It was a fixed base Sears Craftsman which I used to make edge mouldings and roundovers (nothing fancy). I am a retired manager (Technician) from CBS Television network and am looking forward to doing some easy wood projects. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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Welcome Joe. That is just how many of us started with routers. The use of jigs and templates has made it easy to create wonderful projects. The variety of bits for performing different jobs has skyrocketed. You supply the imagination and the sky is the limit.
Welcome to the router forums Joe. My first router was a Craftsman also. I still have it and the box it came in.
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