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Hello Everyone,
It is a pleasure to join your group and share experiences in routing. I have learned a lot from watching Bob's show and have become a Porter Cable believer. Initiallt I free handed my work, then purchased a bench top unit and am now building a routing cabinet. Yes I am hooked and am loving it.
A little about myself, I am a retired Civil Servant, married with two daughters and four grandchildren. I live in South Carolina about two hours from the beach and two hours from the mountains. I look forward to learning different approaches to woodworking from you and hope to offer some ideas in return. Thank you, Erich.
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Erich! Two hours from the beach and mountains, a grandaddy and a router enthusiast as well! Sounds like a dream world to me!
Hello and welcome to the community.
Erich, welcome to the routerforums. My pleasure to welcome another retiree. With four grandkids you should be kept busy making projects for them.
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