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I thought I would try to start off on the right foot by introducing myself.
I have recently set up my woodshop after being encouraged to do so by my cardiologist. Not that I have a "bad" heart, but as a pastor, he is concerned that I am "high risk" because of the stress factor. He encouraged me to spend "quality time doing something I love to do." BINGO! A doctor's order to spend time making sawdust!
My grandfather was a cabinet maker, so I learned a lot by watching him during my visits over the summers as a boy. I have tinkered somewhat with built-in furnishings (such as bookcases, fireplaces, etc), and also have tried my hand using various forms of joinery. My prized project is a small oak cabinet that I contructed utilizing 36 M&T joints which were primarily hand-cut.
I have recently set up a permanent shop, and have ordered a factory refurb of the M12V. I am anxious to get it and build a custom table for it. I will utilize much of what I have found on this site in designing it.
I look forward to picking some brains and growing as a woodcrafter.
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Welcome to the forums. You will get many answers about ways to do a project, the nice thing is they usually all work. Bob and Rick would say: "Keep it simple"
Welcome Oakery to the Router Forums. Nothing like cleaning up sawdust after a day in the shop. Oh yes, pick away.
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