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Hi, I'm Rachele I am new here.
I have recently started wood working. I have recently gotten a Delta miter saw and a Craftsman Router. Granted they are all older models but they are in great working order.
I have been looking for tips and projects to work on. I am currently working on a 4'X4' frame made from wood molding, I have used some narrow pieces of molding to make a 3x3 grid. My latest dilemma is how to make the joints of the grid and grid to frame nice and smooth, and clean, of course with out any cracking or splitting. Any suggestions, tips, solutions etc. are much appreciated. I will try to upload a picture later tomorrow (technically today) anyone who wants to comment Please feel free. I like to get feedback and suggestions, the only thing I do not care for is someone who wants to criticize and not give any input as to how I could improve. Thank you all so much in advance.
Hope to learn a lot from everyone and maybe eventually help others.
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