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Hellow All

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My name is John E. Duck, old folks. I am 60 years old and live in Mt Enterprise, Tx, pol 525.

I do scroll saw work and turning and because a friend gave me a Skill Clasic 1 3/4 hp router I am now going to try to learn how to use it. I have to start with the very basics and go from there. I want to eventually learn how to route box joints. I don't have a router table and want to see if I can learn some basic use of my router before I buy a table for it.

I am on Social Security Disability , making money very tight but I love working with wood. Thanks for allowing me into the group

old folks
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Welcome to the group! Hope you enjoy it here. Don't forget the turning and scroll saw forums as well!

Hello John, and welcome to the router forums. This is a fine place to learn. Many nice and experienced people here willing to help. And 60 years old, you're just a youngin'.
Hello Im from Wi Im almost same age 59 I also want to do some scrolling. What kind of scroll saw do you have? Got any pic of your work? Im also new to this forum
Mr. Bill,
I have a DeWalt 577 and love it ! I will post some pics of work I have done when I learn how to.
old folks
Hi OldFolks

Click on the links below ,they will SHOW you How to post your pictures. :)

Bj :)
Welcome to the community :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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