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HELP! Advice on (Australia) fixed base router

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I am an amateur woodworker and while I enjoy making small intricate boxes, I inevitably end up building internal walls, furniture etc so I need a table mounted, fixed base router that is stronger than the 710 watt trimmers with 1/4 inch collet that you can buy at bunnings. Boshch and Dewalt make what looks like a perfect router for the Kreg table that I want to buy but I can't find them in Australia (240v). Can anyone help with a recommendation for a 1/2 inch collet, fixed base router (240v). If necessary I can compromise but that's the ideal.
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Hello N/A and welcome to the forums...

About your amateur woodworker status... We have some light reading for you...
As in, we've put some helpful information together at this here link to help you get up and running and improve yourself in the world of routers... We hope it to be useful to you... Enjoy...
Do take some time and read the safety PDF's... PLEASE!!!
Blood and trips to the ER, we find, are very annoying... Not to mention – expensive...
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Welcome to the Forum, Nigel...plenty of folks from Australia on here and I'm sure they will help you...
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Thank you, I will read that but I have been playing with sharp tools for about 20 years and still have all of my fingers!
Thank you Nick,

Hi Nigel
Welcome to the Forum. Try this They have the dewalt D26204KXE Plunge & Fixed Base 2in1 Router.

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Hi Nigel. I picked up a Makita from Total Tools, and I think they sell Bosch as well. I mounted the Makita in my table.

Bunnings sell the Ryobi which I also have, which is a 1600W, but it's not suitable for table mounting

I would look up Total Tools, depending on your Australian location.
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Welcome to the forum Nigel. Sounds like you've gotten some good advice already. Always wanted to visit Australia but fear I couldn't deal with the long flights anymore.
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Nigel I wold not buy trades tools from Bunnings, their stock is more like handyman stuff, go online to Sydney Tools, they have a huge stock, all tradesman quality, reasonably priced. N
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Welcome Nigel. The Triton TRA001 is a superb RT router, with above table adjustment. It is a big unit but can also be used freehand if necessary. Good value if you shop carefully.
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I am also a Triton guy. Great machine, lots of power and made in Australia. Too heavy for my old hands to use freehand, but power to spare and it has an updraft so it expels most sawdust. I'm sure they have a 240v version I'm sure. Has a built in lift and a great safety interlock when you raise the collet nut full up, above the table.

Isn't it great to get suggestions and advice this way?
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Welcome to the forum Nigel.
Triton, Melbourne

Hi Nigel,
Have a look at the Triton MOF001 1400W and the larger one TRA001 2400W.
I got the MOF a few weeks ago. One of the many features is you can adjust them from above the table... they have a kind of built in lift, they're also a good price (got mine $319 delivered, and the Triton company begun in Australia, I believe they're based in England now.
They're available on eBay from Discount Trader ( I can't post links yet)
If you're in Melbourne these guys deliver in a matter of days as well. I've just got mine mounted in the table I'm in the process of building and as everyone said they are really designed for tables. That said, I've also used it as a plunge router and I would favor it's operation over the Ryobi 1600W plunge router I also have. Very easy to adjust and use.
Apologies if someones already recommended this.... Nice to have a rant at least as I'm very new to forum.
All the best,


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Hi Nigel, I have just scored a Triton TRA001 3 1/4 hp, 2400w router which is specifically designed for router table use. Can buy in Oz at various outlets but you are looking at $450-495.
Loads of videos and articles about this router on the web.
Hope this helps. Mike
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G'day Mike and welcome to the forums...
I sure do hope you start a thread to introduce yourself...
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Thanks Stick486,
Not sure about starting a thread to introduce myself but have put some info somewhere on the!
G'day Nigel, welcome to the forum.

My choice for table mounted routing is the Triton.

Triton is almost made for the router table.

Get the big one..

Not sure I would recommend a fixed base router. They are common in USA, as for some time they did not get a choice...
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Yes I would concur re: getting the big Triton. The medium one is good but I'll probably end up getting the bigger one just for a little more "effortlessness".
The Triton TRA001 are all but sold out in Australia now, at least as far as I can tell.
Which is a blow, because (based on all the positive reviews) I was just about to buy one!

Places that used to have one but no longer do include Carbatec, Just Tools and Plastering Supplies.

If anyone has any ideas of somewhere that might have one to sell, I'd be very interested.
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