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Help! Craftsman 1/4" collet needed

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I have a relatively new Craftsman plunge router, Model 320-27666. I rarely use it but today when I took it out it seems the 1/4" collet is missing. I don't even remember ever using a 1/2" bit but that's beside the point. The collet is 1/2".

Where can I get a 1/4" collet? The Parts List shows "Collet Assembly" but doesn't specify size. Part # 2823121000. So I go to and it's unavailable.

A Google search didn't help. I did find a 1/2" collet with that part # for $80!!!

Can I use a collet from some other brand? Is every brand different? Suggestions?
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Hi Kent and welcome. You don't have to have the collet. You can get by with a reducer bushing.

$7 max. There may be other sources available to you too but there are at least these two.

Most collets are different from others so I can't tell you if yours matches someone else's. Both the diameter and the cone angle could be different.
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Sad how often people buy a Craftsman and a couple of years later, can't find any parts. This is a constant refrain on this and other woodworking sites. I wouldn't buy anything from this horrible company. They are exploiting what once was a really good brand name.
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I can tell you from first hand experience that a dewalt 1/4” collet threads onto a craftsman router. It will tighten just fine. BUT it will vibrate when you start the router. I don’t think the bit was was able to be centered.
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