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Help looking for shaker style router bit set with radius?

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From a draft of the profile I made, you can see the important bits are the groove at ~0.22" x 0.5", the radius is measured to be around 3/32". The shaker style angle should be 15 degrees per norm but my trace came out to be around 12.5 degrees so I don't believe this too much.

I am having trouble locating any shaker style bit set with the 3/32" radius.

Any help?


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Is 7/16ths close enough? This is the Sommerfeld set, which has a lot going for it. I have this set. Works great, and if you look on youtube there is video on using the company's door making sets. Here is the link to the info on the set 3-Pc Shaker Set
I don’t see a side profile of the set. 7/16 should work but I’m more concerned about achieving the radius and the tinge thickness is probably 7/32.
G'day and welcome to the forum, @goldserve
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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