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Help needed

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Bought a new machine and unfortunately
Cannot get it to work .Don’t know why the XYZ won’t work any help ? Have tried all the guides for to try and work it manually but won’t move .Any advise would be more than welcomed.
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Welcome to the Router Forums.

We need a lot more information to figure out what the problem might be.
What machine did you buy?
What kind of control hardware are you using?
What control software are you using?
Pictures of the connections from the control box to the machine would help if that might be the problem.
Also, provide anything you might think would help us help you.
A basic Is it plugged in?
Hello and welcome to the router forum
Agree with Mike need to know what machine do you have?
A basic Is it plugged in?
Now wait a minute I'm the only one to do something like that! :) Reason #73 why I haven't ventured in to the CNC world.
Welcome to the forum.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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