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archer_456 said:
I have decided to get a new router, mainly for under table use and occasional plunge use. I am stuck on the decision of which one to buy. I have narrowed the choices down to 3 routers, Porter Cable 893PK, Bosch 1617evspk (all magnesium casing), and the Hitachi M12vc. I have read reviews on all three, but can't come to conclucion. If you had to choose one of these 2 1/4 hp Routers with a fixed base/plunge base package in the $200 range, which would you get? If you have any other router suggestions, please feel free to post them. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I have the PC and the Bosch. In my opinion they are both good routers. One feature of the PC I don't like is the height adjustment. It's the same one that Craftsman used in the 70s. It's exposed but it's really no problem if it's kept clean and lubed. My Bosch had the magnesium motor housing and base. The motor housing was corroding so it's at Bosch now having the motor housing changed to aluminum. Other wise the Bosch is an excellent router. I think you would be pleased with either one. I think their HP rating of 2 1/4 is a little bit more than they actually have. Don't let that influence your decision between these two routers because they'll do every thing you want to do. I've never tried them on raised panel doors but they may be a little underpowered for some of the very large bits in hardwood. If you don't really have to have a plunge base HD has the PC 690 on sale for $99. It's a step down in power but it too is a very good router. I don't have any experience with the Hitachi but all the comments I've read have been very positive. Good luck in your choice.......don't get bogged down in the "witch one should I buy" rut. Buy the one that feels best to you when you hold it and operate the controls.
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