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help please, cnc shark

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im looking at getting into cnc and i found a machine for sale but i dont know if its a good deal or not, heres some pictures of it, if anyone could help me to identify what machine this is or fill me in on what all its capable of doing it would be greatly appreciated thanks


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Welcome to the forum, Josh! The photos show that it's a Shark by Next Wave. What are your plans for the CNC (what do you plan to produce, mainly)?

I can't tell which model that is, but it is not the current series 5 models, or the previous HD 4 models. It's hard to tell the size from the photos. Do you know the size of the bed? It appears to be about the size of the Piranha, which is now the SD100, with a 12" x 18" bed and a 12" x 13" cutting area. A new SD100 sells for about $1,200. If the size matches the current machine, I would spend the extra money and get the newer version.
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Welcome to the forum Josh.
Welcome to the Router Forums. This looks like an original 18x24 CNC Shark with the MDF bed. I'm wondering if this might be just before they change to the blue t-track bed rails because the original 18x24 CNC Sharks and The original 24x24 CNC Shark Pro were made using white plastic. They did have the deep carving on the gantry plate, the upright gantry arms and were limited to using a trim router and that is a Bosch Colt on that machine. They no longer support this CNC with any updates but technical support will still be available but limited due to the age of the machine. It would be alright as a starter hobby machine but might be a problem if you need any parts because they have discontinued most the repair parts for these early machines. I would see if you could get it cheaper if possible.

The CNC Shark Pro HD1 also had the upright gantry arms, the deep carving in the gantry plate but had the blue t-track rails on the bed, they also were made to use a larger 2 1/4 hp router.
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