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help please...plunge height keeps slipping

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I have a Craftsman 315.175040 under mounted on a portable table. It has been working fine for years, then suddenly... the bit height starts traveling. the adjustment collar turns and the whole body starts dropping. I have the locking knob so tight I have to use plyers to loosen it . Any suggestions?
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G'day @lauraj , welcome to the forum.

Have you given the router/collet a good clean out?

Also, have you used a new cutter? It may be undersized!

It shouild not have to be that tight.
The locking knob and its screw tighten a gap. I see in the exploded diagram that there's three washers involved. Unfortunately it's not clear where they actually go. I would think there should still be a small gap in the housing when the lock is tight. Make sure it's actually the router and not just the bit that's slipping, like James mentioned. If it is the base my thoughts are...
The gap is obstructed or there's dirt or oil between the base and the motor. Needs cleaning.
There could be an unthreaded portion of the bolt (the knob can't go further). An extra washer under the knob could help.
The gap could be closed (can't tighten any further). Take out the bolt and file or sand the gap a bit.
The base is cracked. Get another base or a new router.

ps I doubt that the lock locks the adjustment ring. The depth lock on many routers simply works like the belt on pants.
Are you sure it's the collar that's slipping?

All too frequently, it's the collet that's slipping on the router bit shank. Cleaning the collet as well as the collet hole in the router shaft may be needed. Clean them, but don't apply any lubricant at all to the collet or shaft hole. Collets do wear out, so a replacement may be necessary in time. I dip my collets in alcohol after thoroughly cleaning them, to remove all traces of any stray lubricant that may remain on/in them.

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Its like my Bosch GOF 1300CE 1300w. What causes it to "unlock" is vibration while routing notemment if its mounted on a router table. I guess your router is as sensible as mine while routing.Its damn annoying to lose presetted depth while routing. Try dismantling it, clean the rods that supports the foot, but DO NOT add oil/grease/CRC, other wise your back there again. Try also to readjust the locking system so it gets tighter when you lock it. I think this is ths cause of slight wear on the locking system.
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