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Help Sorcing SP/THC Cable

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I am reading the set up guide for my avid cnc prior to it's arrival (10 weeks from now). I bought my own spindle and vfd (not avid's), but it didn't come with cables. Avid uses something called an SP/THC cable. I can't find one called this anywhere. This is the part:

Where do I get rhis?
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Probably just their abbreviation for Spindle/Torch Height Controller cable (it’s function, not a cable type).
From your VFD to spindle you will need a 4 conductor shielded (preferably high flex) cable, probably around 16-18awg. From controller box to VFD will depend on whether you are using rs485 or PWM control, but these will just be a couple pairs of wires (spindle on, spindle clockwise) and another pair (0-10v, for PWM). These can be shielded, but it’s not critical here. The signals are low level, 22awg wire is sufficient.

Your VFD manual should be consulted for exact requirements.
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That cable is to connect the Avid spindle to the Avid VFD control box. You need to build the cable to connect the spindle and the VFD you bought.

You need to use shielded cable, something like this

You don't say what spindle you bought. Does the wire connect the spindle with screw terminals or does the spindle have a connector jack for the spindle? If it connects with a connector is it supplied? You might consider buying a better one if it is a cheaply made connector.

You will also need to buy a 14 pin connector and wire it to connect your VFD to the Avid control box if that is what you bought for CNC control if you want spindle controlled through the controller. If you are building your own electronics then you can wire it without the 14 pin plug, connections will be up to you.
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What you want is commonly referred to as VFD cable.

You can get it from McMaster Carr, or direct from, as well as many other places.
Have you contacted Avid to see if the would sell you the cable? I think that would be my first thing I would do. It might be hard to find a 14 pin plug that matches their jack so that would solve a lot of problems.
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