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Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me.
I bought a new SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router 3018PRO kit which came with the spindle.
I followed the directions and flashed the firmware to GRBL1.1F.
GRBLControl(Canadle) only seems to connect at 115200.
I was able to open a sample file and carve a sample project. All was well.
The control board I have says woodpecker 3,.2a

I decided to order the blue laser accessory from (SainSmart Blue Laser Module Kit for Genmitsu CNC Machine 3018-PRO/3018/ 1810-PRO).

I installed it and installed the program LaserGRBL, installation was straightforward, 3 pin cable to 3 pin cable and followed the directions to add the extra 3 buttons in the GUI.

When I connected it, the GUI connected to my unit, but only after I had to press the reset button on the control board.
Then I plugged in the power and the laser was on and stayed on burning. I made sure the little white button was in the pushed in "on" position. I was able to control the buttons with the X/Y/Z axis while this was happening. The laser buttons were reacting but they didn't do anything to control the laser. After about 10 seconds I unplugged the machine.
I tried again with the little white button out, not in, I thought maybe on meant always on, overriding the GUI, but it just stayed off, no gui button did anything to turn them on. The X/Y/Z axis was working ok.

What's the issue ?

Also to note, there's a power supply on the laser control board that came with the laser. I'm not using that since it didn't come with it's own power supply. I'm assuming I don't use that and just keep using my main woodpecker control board power and it somehow fed the laser it's own power.

Is there a way to check what firmware the woodpecker3.2a board actually is running?
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