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Helpful Vids for the New CNC Owner

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Hi! I probably fit into the "should have researched better before buying" category of buyer. I've wanted a CNC Router, saw one that was a good price, and pulled the trigger. After uncrating, I realized all files and instructions were in Chinese. Upon investigating, I realized that CNC Routing is much different from the 3D Printing that I have done in the past, requiring new terms, software and knowledge.

So, I figured I'd share a video and channel on YouTube that is helpful in breaking down the basics. (It isn't my channel, I swear). It defines some of the new terms and software, and gave me a good place to start. I feel less foolish after watching this video, and look forward to checking out the other vids as I approach my first project.

Has anyone else found helpful vids for a new CNC Router owner?

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Welcome to the forum, Ryan! We do like photos so show us your shop, CNC, other tools, projects, etc.! I guess it depends on the software you use and what you plan to cut/build/machine/produce as to which videos you watch. I use Fusion 360, Carveco, and Mach4 so I tend to watch those. And I do a lot of engineered pieces rather than long 3D (2.5D) carvings and some inlay work so that's where I lean when picking out videos.
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome aboard Ryan. Strange that they would make and sell a product and not have a translated manual but even then translations don't always paint a clear picture. The modern day YouTube videos do seem to come to the rescue more often then not. Hopefully you find the right ones 1st. Makes me wonder where your support will be when/if you need it for parts/warranty. Good luck in your endeavors.
Looks like a good channel for people interested in learning Fusion 360. Thanks for sharing the link.
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