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Interesting. I had used a couple of the stair treads for the bracing on the clamp cart drilling holes and suing dowels for ladder type of contraption. I had thought they could be used for projects like this. Looks like a good starter project for someone without many tools. Interestingly enough the followup video for me was a
one for a bookshelf as well which I had built maybe 30 years ago after getting his book that had the plans. Even did an entertainment center based on the same carcass design which we still use today although it was built with a cubby for a 27" TV and now have a 46" flat screen sitting on top instead. Time to redesign that and make it current. No need for the VHS tape storage, cassettes and such but still need want the adjustable shelves for the stereo equipment including the turntable. I have a rather extensive collection of vinyl of both early rock and classical that will never get stored away while I'm still breathing. The height however could be reduced so I'm not looking so high at the TV......or I could simply wall hang the TV.

Looks like a nice solid bookcase Gary.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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