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hey dudes/dudettes.

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Devoloped an interest in woodworking half year ago now I guess. Been a active member of woodworking talk forum for a few months now. Have been lurking here as well.

I'm interested building furniture for my family. And designing different solutions to problems we may run into.

I have a decent collection of tools for only starting out. I used the money set aside for my vacation that didnt happen this summer to get started.

I have 2 routers that I've hardly used. I wouldn't even say I've got the basics down. Most of my work has been with my table saw so far.

I'll get around to posting pictures at some point. But the routers are a big 3.5hp craftsman posi lock. And a little king Canada trim router.

I just want to say. I really really appreciate the time and effort the experienced members put into their thoughtful thorough responses. It really gives a gut like me a chance to learn the craft without having a mentor standing over my shoulder.

Between YouTube and the few forums I've signed up for. I feel like I have access to most of the future problems I'll encounter!

Glad to be a part of the community!
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Welcome, Nick...good that you made an introductory post...more members will see it.

You will get lots of help when you have questions...many different techniques will be available for you to choose.

I think you will also find this Forum to be the friendliest and most helpful. Good idea to lurk in other sites...

Good luck with your projects...ask away, it's always good to get more ideas...
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Hello again, Nick...

About that inquisitiveness of yours... We are all over that, we can help, we really can, w/ have some ''light reading'' for you...
We've gathered together a bunch of pertinent/relative information on routering in this here link ... You should find everything (at least most) quite useful, a lot of help and get you off to a running start in the world of routers... Enjoy...

Do take some time to read the safety PDF's... PLEASE!!!
Blood and trips to the ER, we find, are very annoying... Not to mention – expensive...

We do welcome all questions here on about any subject you can come up w/ also....
Not only that, we excel at spending your money...

Now about that table...
We have a wee bit more browsing for ya...
there's more here at this link on RT's than you'll be able to digest at one sit down (or many)... Ohhhhhh, so many ways and choices...

And while we're at it, let's not forget this vital function you won't be able to do w/o......
There is some, okay, a lot more than a wee bit of information, as in one size does not fit all when it comes to dust collection and your health in this here link...
Beyond a doubt it's a given, you will need it... Besides, who likes to wallow in a mess???...
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Welcome, Nick, glad to have you on the forum.
Hi Nick. I'm happy you signed on. Lots of good friends made here. Attached is a pdf of the 18 things that accelerated my learning curve. All this happened over a period of about 12 years, so give yourself time to develop your skills and shop. It's long, but has pictures. Hopefully it will help you avoid some expensive pitfalls.


Welcome to the forum, Nick! I've seen you over at WWT and it's good to see you here. Show us some shop, tools, and project photos when you get the chance!

Welcome! This is a wonderful community and everyone is extraordinarily helpful. You will enjoy your new friends. I am a newbie to CNC and these folks (yes, Dudes and Dudettes) are more knowledgeable and helpful than you can imagine!

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Welcome Nick. There is always someone here to help if you need it.
Welcome to the forum Nick . Looking forward to seeing your future projects
Not much domestic plywood here anymore. All the big companies have gone international. A lot of good jobs went away. Lots of my family worked in the mills,lumber and plywood.those mills are all gone. even the pulp mills are gone, darn can't complain about the smell anymore.
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Thanks for the kind words folks. And yes Herb, not many left. West fraser doesn't operate any plywood mills in the US, only 3 in Canada. I believe we are one of the larger forestry companies. Not that I keep up with the stock options and what not. Hahahaha.

I appreciate the reference material. I might have to put the lee valley catalogue down and brush up on some safety tips!
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I have 2 routers that I've hardly used. I wouldn't even say I've got the basics down. Most of my work has been with my table saw so far.
For some basics, I picked up a good book at the library:

Woodworking with the router : professional router techniques and jigs any woodworker can use
Hylton, William H.
Item Barcode: A20038151477

It was good enough that I purchased a copy.
Welcome to the forum Nick.
Welcome to the Router Forums Nick.

To get familiar with using your new routers you might find some small projects to work on before you jump into the furniture projects.

You might look for what they call weekend projects, a lot of them are really useful and easy projects to learn on.

Show us some projects when you get started.
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G'day Nick, welcome to the forum.
Welcome aboard Nick. This is a great forum and I've picked up many good ideas and techniques. As with anything powered the safety issue should be the 1st line of attention. Routers can do some damage very quickly as most woodworker tools can. Speed for the size bits, depth of cut, feed speed and direction all can make a major difference in how safe a tool operates. When it comes to the router I found building my own router table a huge advantage in using new skills and making what I wanted/needed. You can go as far as you want or just build the cabinet and buy the top/fence/lift and so on. My spark was many years ago in Jr High shop class which I took for 2 years. That's all it took and all that was offered at that time in my area. While I did do woodworking through the years, many tears there was little to no shop use as life, family, and work took all my time but the passion survived and my son grew up and I finally retired earlier then expected. It's not a race so enjoy, learn, pass on your knowledge, and create.
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Welcome aboard Nick,

Nice to see another Canuck working in the forestry field. I am a technical sales rep for S Huot from Quebec city and I cover all of Canada except B.C. I have not been out west yet because of Covid but one of these days I hope to get there. I sell to Commonwealth Plywood and Columbia also and would like to add some western clients to my list.I also sell to many OSB and Pulp mills and of course sawmills.

I know you will enjoy the wealth of knowledge available here just for the asking, it's like a big happy family.

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